French Design Awards 2024

French Design Awards 2024

French Design Awards 2024

French Design Awards - International Design Awards

The French Design Awards is an international competition that honours and acknowledges the zenith of creative genius in interior, architectural, product and packaging design. This prestigious award recognises and celebrates architects, interior, product and packaging designers who are not only shaping the environment, but also reimagining how design is perceived, inhabited, and its interaction with spaces.

Whether you are an established architect transforming cityscapes, an interior designer weaving aesthetic and functional spaces, a packaging designer merging form and function to redefine consumer experiences, or an emerging product designer breathing new life into design, the French Design Awards is your platform to shine.

Join the award in championing the bold, the innovative, and the extraordinary, honouring visionaries who push boundaries, challenge the status quo, and infuse fresh perspectives into their designs with intricate blends of creativity, functionality, and sustainability.

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