'Perception' online exhibited at Florence Contemporary Gallery

'Perception' online exhibited at Florence Contemporary Gallery

Exhibition work:

'simple finals' - o.


At the beginning of the 15th century, slowly began to take shape a historical period of great innovations, developments and a new way of conceiving the world, the visual arts were certainly one of the driving and most influential fields. This period would later take the name Renaissance, and the cradle of this ferment was the city of Florence.

Nowadays we are living a very persistent process of digitization and virtuality, surely we are facing a new way of perceiving and using reality, and art, this is the reason why we decided to include "Florence" in the name of our gallery, our mission is to propose a new idea of gallery that speaks to a wide audience by taking advantage of digital and that develops and lives on the web.

Florence Contemporary Gallery is a contemporary art gallery based online, an art platform, a meeting place among artists, institutions, collectors, curators, and art lovers, an active artistic community that rewards art and not names, our goal is to promote and boost the career of deserving emerging artists selected from all over the world.

At the forefront of this new digital era, FCG offers international collectors a unique experience to a platform with a diversity of multicultural artists and leading dealers in modern and contemporary art with private clients worldwide.

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