Collection: 'simple finals'

‘simple finals’ explores the intersection of traditional Chinese wisdom, modern city aesthetics, and minimalistic design to create a product that embodies calmness and simplicity. The product is designed to stand out from the chaos of the city and bring a sense of peace to its users. The joint connection of each bamboo stick represents the transformation that occurs when the connection is completed, reflecting the idea of strength in unity.
The product is a flat-pack design system consisting of ready-to-wear fashion pieces, products, and furniture. The transformation happens when the pieces are connected with each bamboo stick, creating a square shape. The neutral color palette, including black, gray, white, and brown, brings visual calmness to the tense city. Ultimately, this thesis aims to promote a holistic and minimalist approach to design, which emphasizes the importance of simplicity, functionality, and sustainability. By combining traditional wisdom with modern aesthetics, the product serves as a symbol of tranquility in a world full of chaos.